What We Study

About Our Studies

Some of the most common questions people ask are:

  • “What are your services like?”
  • “How should I dress?”
  • “What kind of music do you worship to?”

The answer to your questions are very simple. Our Sunday morning worship service is a blend of old hymns mixed with some of the more current praise and worship songs. The dress is both “Sunday Morning dressy” and casual. Some of the men wear suits, and some wear blue jeans. Some of the women wear dresses, and some wear slacks. The key point is this: We want you to feel welcome and comfortable. Our preaching style is what is commonly called “Expository Preaching”. Simply stated: we go book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse. And we don’t skip the hard parts.

Our Sunday evening services are casual. We start off by sharing prayer requests with one another, spending some time in corporate prayer, we sing a couple of songs, and then we have a time of expository teaching through a book of the Bible.

On Wednesday nights we are very casual, with most people wearing their work clothes. It is very similar in style to our Sunday PM Bible study. We have more discussion questions during this study and we are usually finished by 8:00.

Our Current Studies

On Sunday mornings, we are currently preaching and teaching through the New Testament book of Matthew. The title of this current series is “Christ as King”.

On Sunday evenings, we are looking at the book of 1 Peter. Our study is entitled “Elected Unto Suffering”.

On Wednesday evenings, we are currently studying the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel.